Looking at the different best-of lists for 2009 and best-of the decade from TSOI contributors there are surprisingly few overlaps. Based on these lists, TSOI opinions on music might diverge more than one might think, however, there is one sure-fire point that all in the TSOI fold are in agreement: Mark Robinson performing live in any form is solid gold (Note that separate Flin Flon shows made best concerts of the decade from Kevin and Avalanche).

His latest incarnation, a collaboration with Evelyn Hurley of Blast Off Country Style, is called Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy opened for a Teenbeat showcase some months ago for a short 30 minute set that consisted mostly of commercial jingles peppered with a few original tracks. The show also featured what I presume is Mark’s son playing a synth version of The Star Wars Theme. Good times. Really Good times.

Here is a live track and a few commercial jingles as performed at The Brooklyn location of The Knitting Factory.

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100106/CC-FantasticAndSpectacular.mp3|titles=Fantastic & Spectacular + jingles (Live)|artists=Cotton Candy]

Download: Cotton Candy – Fantastic & Spectacular + jingles (Live)


  1. RE: Dee

    Interesting! I suppose Evelyn and Mark can start a Carpenters sort of operation. If I recall there was another kid running around that also looked suspiciously like a mini-Mark, so they have the workings for a full band. How sweet would that be.

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