Dean & Britta
Zipper Factory
New York City, NY

Today TSOI is featuring Dean and Britta’s August 2008 Galaxie 500 set at the Zipper Factory. To regular readers, TSOI is known for taking on pet causes (See successful TSOI campaign to pressure Axl Rose to release Chinese Democracy). In this case TSOI is making good on a threat/promise that was posted back in August. The long and short of it was simply to dangle the full recording as an incentive for Howard Wolfson, a TSOI reader, to make sure that his employer, Fox News, not muck up this election like the last two. Based on my gathered intel and preliminary analysis, the withholding of this Dean and Britta show was indeed instrumental in getting Fox News to toe the line a bit and in getting Obama elected.

I do apologize for not being faster in posting the show. Naturally, I was tempted to post this on the Wednesday after the election but then I was seized with a cold shudder that made me reconsider: the thought of Howard passing this recording to one of his nefarious colleagues. This beloved recording falling in the hands of consummate tools like Ralf Reed and Karl Rove is a risk I still can’t take lightly.
Anyway, here it is and we thank you all for your patience. Enjoy.

1. Temperature’s Rising
2. Tugboat
3. Blue Thunder
4. Snowstorm
5. (chatter)
6. Hearing Voices
7. (chatter)
8. Strange
9. Victory Garden (Red Crayola cover)
10. (chatter)
11. Fourth of July
12. Don’t Let Your Youth Go to Waste (Jonathon Richman cover)
13. Ceremony (Joy Division cover)

[audio:|titles=Don’t Let Your Youth Go to Waste (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live)

Download: Dean & Britta – New York City, NY – 8-21-08 – 262 MB

Photo by Franck Dewannieux.


  1. hi,
    ever since the election i’ve been checking
    out to see if you would actually go through with
    your promise. thank you very much for doing so,
    i really appreciate it.

  2. RE: post/transfer info for our records?

    I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I am assuming you want more deets:
    Here goes:
    The set (there was a second set after an intermission of D+B songs) was recorded at Zipper Factory in NYC on 8/21/2008 with a Edirol R-09 at 24bit wave.

    It was EQ’d, normalized, and dithered to 16 bit using Sound Forge.

    I hope that does it. Let me know if you need more deets.

  3. thank you so much! i can’t wait to listen to this! here’s to a much brighter 4 years than the past 8 years ever were…

  4. How funny is the comment by the female fan at the end of Victory Garden? What is she saying, “she didn’t come to see the B show?” Is she ragging on her neighbor for singing along or something? Too funny.

    Thanks for posting the show. I’ve always regretted never seeing Galaxie play live.

  5. That female squawker is my wife.

    She is loudly saying “I didn’t come to watch the Dean show!”, which, if you listen again, was preceded with “Let’s hear Britta!”. My wife, you see, is a Dean AND Britta fan with little knowledge of Galaxy 500. She was irked that she would go to a Dean and Britta show and have to listen to Dean hijack the show with a bunch of weird songs (and you have to admit that they are a bit weird) that she hadn’t heard. I attempted to bring my wife up to speed, but she wasn’t having it.

    I, on the other hand, had my fist in my mouth in glee going “I can’t believe this is happening!” As far as I know this Galaxy 500 set was totally unannounced and not until Dean responded to a Luna request as “being off topic”, did it sink in.

  6. Avalanche LEED AP >>

    Actually it was broadcast on their myspace and on that it would be a Galaxy 500 set.

    Galaxy 500 songs are “a bit weird”? Uh no…try again.

  7. Thanks for clearing up what your wife was saying. I get a kick out of it each time. My wife listened to it today and she immediately knew that your wife had said “dean”. It started to make sense then. Again it cracks me up.

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