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Curve – Fait Accompli (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Curve – Fait Accompli
Town And Country
London, UK

Recently I got a handful of live Curve videos from Europe and this one was the best of the bunch siri. Curve was one of the few bands that despite all my best efforts, I was never able to catch a live show.

Download: Curve – Fait Accompli (Live Video)

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Curve – The Colour Hurts (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Curve – The Colour Hurts
Oxford, UK

As you can probably tell for the picture above, the video of this concert was shot from the back of the room, and Curve used a lot of smoke during their show 맑은 고딕 regular 다운로드. A lot of smoke. So you can only see a rough approximation of a band through all of it, but the sound is still great.

Download: Curve – The Colour Hurts (Live Video)

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The Monday Set: Curve – London, UK – 10/29/93

Brixton Academy
London, UK

Curve are one of the very few bands that I really, really wanted to see live but never had the opportunity Chrome 77. On top of that, most live Curve recordings are really poor quality due to the volume of their concerts. This recording is one of the better ones I’ve heard Download Pokémon Black2.

Set List:
1. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
2. Crystal
3. Sandpit
4. Left Of Mother
5. Unreadable Communication
6 비셔스 엔진 다운로드. Superblaster
7. Turkey Crossing
8. Fait Accompli
9. Missing Link
10. Coast Is Clear
11. Cuckoo

[audio:|titles=Left Of Mother (Live)|artists=Curve]

Download: Curve – London, UK – 10/29/93 – 404 MB


Curve – The Colour Hurts (Peel Session)

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This song was recorded for the March 30th, 1991 Peel Session on BBC Radio 피파18 pc. It was later released on the official “Radio Sessions” on Anxious Records in 1993. Because it only came out on Anxious and never got an official US release, I didn’t pick this CD up until years after it’s release internet explorer 11 오프라인 다운로드. I still think it’s a shame that they broke up last year, but they put out great music for over fifteen years.
[audio:|titles=The Colour Hurts (Peel Session) |artists=Curve]
Download: Curve – The Colour Hurts (Peel Session)


Toni Halliday – Time Turns Around

Before Toni Halliday joined Dean Garcia to form Curve, she released a solo album called “Hearts And Handshakes.” The tracks were produced by her and Alan Moulder of NIN fame 하스스톤 모바일. The record is a pale comparison to Curve, but you can certainly hear hints of the greatness to come. The song “Time Turns Around” was the first single from the lp Download the Wind And Wind Management Team. I believe she released one more single from this release, plus a couple of other 7″/12″ releases that I’ve never been able to track down Download the Gatsch Bell game.
[audio:|titles=Time Turns Around|artists=Toni Halliday]

Download: Toni Halliday – Time Turns Around

Curve – Coast Is Clear (Live)

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The first time I ever heard Curve was on MTV’s 120 Minutes when they played the “Coast Is Clear” video 제이보스. The next day I went to the radio station I worked at and found the single in our pile of new cds that I hadn’t brought over to the studio yet. The Frozen EP was played on my radio show every week for at least the next two months until the Cherry EP finally came out coco dataset 다운로드. I never got to see them live, but this song is from their show in May of 1992 at the Toronto Opera House which would have been amazing to see.
[audio:|titles=Coast Is Clear (Live)|artists=Curve]

Download: Curve – Coast Is Clear (Live)