Before Toni Halliday joined Dean Garcia to form Curve, she released a solo album called “Hearts And Handshakes.” The tracks were produced by her and Alan Moulder of NIN fame. The record is a pale comparison to Curve, but you can certainly hear hints of the greatness to come. The song “Time Turns Around” was the first single from the lp. I believe she released one more single from this release, plus a couple of other 7″/12″ releases that I’ve never been able to track down.
[audio:|titles=Time Turns Around|artists=Toni Halliday]

Download: Toni Halliday – Time Turns Around


  1. the Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode, Recoil) ‘Eurotech’ remix of “Time Turns Around” is fantastic… track that down if you can…

  2. As it happens, I have the Eurotech remix of “Time Turns Around” (bought it for 50p from a bargain bin) and the follow-up single “Weekday”. Those were the two singles that made me first pay attention to Curve who must have been my favourite band of the early 1990s.

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