Brixton Academy
London, UK

Curve are one of the very few bands that I really, really wanted to see live but never had the opportunity. On top of that, most live Curve recordings are really poor quality due to the volume of their concerts. This recording is one of the better ones I’ve heard.

Set List:
1. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
2. Crystal
3. Sandpit
4. Left Of Mother
5. Unreadable Communication
6. Superblaster
7. Turkey Crossing
8. Fait Accompli
9. Missing Link
10. Coast Is Clear
11. Cuckoo

[audio:|titles=Left Of Mother (Live)|artists=Curve]

Download: Curve – London, UK – 10/29/93 – 404 MB

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  1. Curve were a great band – would have been pretty amazing to have seen them live back in the day.

    Thanks for posting the show.

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