This song was recorded for the March 30th, 1991 Peel Session on BBC Radio. It was later released on the official “Radio Sessions” on Anxious Records in 1993. Because it only came out on Anxious and never got an official US release, I didn’t pick this CD up until years after it’s release. I still think it’s a shame that they broke up last year, but they put out great music for over fifteen years.
[audio:|titles=The Colour Hurts (Peel Session) |artists=Curve]
Download: Curve – The Colour Hurts (Peel Session)


  1. This song rocks! I definitely have to echo the sentiment, its too bad they broke up. They continualy put out great music. Even some of their later stuff that Kevin Shields worked on ended up being some of their greatest works. I’ll always have a soft spot for Curve

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