GusGus – Polyesterday (Video and Original Mix)

[flv: 426 320]

GusGus – Polyesterday (Video)
GusGus – Polyesterday (Original Mix)

When “Polydistortion” was released, GusGus sent out a bunch of promo videos to record stores which included the Polyesterday and Believe videos 메이븐 라이브러리 다운로드. The videocassettes were strange because they were these styrofoam casings with paper labels, so once you ripped the paper label off, the actual tape was exposed Download Windows 10 ltsb. They worked in VHS players, but they weren’t made for any kind of longevity. I finally converted mine to DVD.

Also, someone noticed that I was looking for the original mix of “Polyesterday” and pointed me to the link to the song on GusGus’ website 무료 클래식 음악. I’ve also included that for download today.

Download: GusGus – Polyesterday (Video)

Download: GusGus – Polyesterday (Original Mix)