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Kitten: Chinatown (Live)

Time for new tights?


Kitten is currently opening for Young the Giant’s national tour 공게임 다운로드. This track, from their Sunday School EP, was recorded at Chelsea’s in Baton Rouge last Wednesday. I don’t know terribly much about them, except they’re from Los Angeles (any dirt, Kevin?) Download the drive photo. They are pleasantly high-energy pop, quite enjoyably reminiscent of Baton Rouge’s own We Landed on the Moon 구글 드라이브 동기화 다운로드. Their pint-size vocalist, apparently an indie-rock prodigy, channels a spastic Karen O and steals the show a bit with her antics — climbing all over the band’s gear, shaking her head violently, literally swinging from the rafters gt designer3 got2000 다운로드.

(I really do love the fan’s comment at the very beginning of this track in response to the singer’s low-key “…and…we love Louisiana.”)

Download: Kitten: Chinatown (Live)

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Yuck: Operation (Live)

It seems to me that most bands with terrible names tend to live up to them 구글드라이브 사본만들기 다운로드. Yuck, however, is the exception to the rule.  They played on Saturday, opening for Smith Westerns — and blew the headliners out of the water 알아서. I’ll do a Monday Set of Smith Westerns in a week or two, but let’s just say that this night’s performances were eerily reminiscent of the show at Spanish Moon this time last year in which Sarah Jaffe destroyed Midlake 백발백중 다운로드. Maybe it’s a February thing.

Not that Yuck sounds anything like Sarah Jaffe.  This London quartet (teenage singer Ilana Blumberg stayed home; internet rumors claim she had high school exams to take care of) reminded me of nothing so much as slightly slowed-down Superchunk — the same poppy riffs, the same fuzzy guitars, just a little lower energy Snack World Mobile. Great stuff. And, incidentally, the two guitarists were the guys in Cajun Dance Party, a fact which went somehow unmentioned here on the edge of Acadiana ps vita.

Yuck has their debut album out this week.

Download: Yuck: Operation (Live)

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PJ Harvey: Sweeter Than Anything

In honor of the release of PJ Harvey’s latest genre-defying release, Let England Shake, I felt like it would be fun to post an obscure track that’s one of my all-time favorites: “Sweeter than Anything,” off the single A Perfect Day Elise putty ssh. Please, Island Records, don’t be litigious jerks about this; I’m on your side.

Actually, there were two versions of this CD single, with two B-sides each, released to promote 1998’s Is This DesireHarvey has done this before: the Send His Love to Me single from 1995’s To Bring You My Love was also released in two versions ps4 remote. Oh…I’m sorry, did you not realize that Harvey has obsessive fans Dancing Queen?

Back to the new album. I happened to catch her on TV while on a business trip to London last March. She played the title song, accompanying herself on the autoharp Autocad 2010 keygen. A whole album of this may test even my patience, I have to admit, but since Harvey has never disappointed yet, it’s far too soon to be unhappy 다키스트 마인드.

Let England Shake drops on 14 February in the UK and on 15 February in the US.

Download: PJ Harvey: Sweeter Than Anything

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Jbird: Best of 2010

2010 was a strange year for me and music.  It seemed like every other week (especially in the first half of the year), yet another of my old favorite bands was releasing a brand-new album: The Hold Steady, Wintersleep, The New Pornographers, Shout Out Louds, Les Savy Fav, Wolf Parade, Apples in Stereo, and on and on… The number one casualty of this situation was my ability to keep up with anything relatively newer bands were doing: Best Coast 샤오미 롬? Waaves? Frightened Rabbit? School of Seven Bells?  Florence and the Machine Getamped Mobile?

Who were these guys?  Were they even worth paying attention to?  And what about legendary old bands I always regretted not getting into before, like Swans?  In the end, I have to plead the Fifth on a lot of their releases this year.  On the other hand, when I did catch the new bands (on the Dutch radio station VPRO’s awesome website, for example, or in posts on The Sound of Indie), I found very little to be impressed by.  Reports from equally thirty-something music fans lead me to believe I am not alone in identifying 2010 as a good year for music, but a lousy one for debuts…with precisely one exception:

1 허스크. Sarah Jaffe – Suburban Nature

I never would have heard of Sarah Jaffe had she not opened for the otherwise-forgettable Midlake at Spanish Moon in February.  I caught the last half of her performance and was transfixed by bittersweet country songs with a grown-old-too-fast perspective on love and loss — aching is precisely the word one wants here.  Her voice is all her own, the lyrics a little naive — but properly so.  Her delivery and melodies are reminiscent of the reigning queen (in my opinion) of alt-country chanteusery, Jolie Holland.  Big winners are “Clementine” (not a cover of the classic), “Better than Nothing,” and “Summer Begs.”  Buy Sarah’s album — this is non-negotiable.  She deserves stardom Sensitive Aiou.

2. Superchunk – Majesty Shredding
As I said, on the other hand…someone needs to show the other new guys how it’s done, and who better than the power-pop overlords of the ’90’s, Superchunk?  Majesty Shredding, their first album in almost a decade, is the perfect one for aging pseudo-hipsters (like me), who can relate to the out-of-touch feeling embodied by “My Gap Feels Weird” — ostensibly it’s a song of unrequited love, but it seems to me more like a description of watching the music scene evolve and maybe getting left behind by it.  Lots of high-energy songs with sing-along choruses here, like “Crossed Wires.”

3 Beyonce. Titus Andronicus – The Monitor
Bear with me here: The Hold Steady used to be incapable of doing wrong in my eyes — Separation Sunday and Boys and Girls in America will forever be two of my all-time top albums.  They’ve suffered some mis-steps, though: 2008’s Stay Positive was beset with problems from composition to production, while this year’s outing, Heaven is Whenever did have its moments, but was nowhere near as strong as their earlier work.  It looks increasingly likely, therefore, that Titus Andronicus is going to assume the mantle of being the super-literate, powerful, versatile, shout-singing, straight-up rock band we need in these hard times 스마트 폰 구글 어스.

The irony is that The Hold Steady’s leader, Craig Finn, actually appears on this album, reading — yes, reading — as Walt Whitman, in support of the conceit that the album somehow documents/commemorates the Civil War (when it’s really all about the suburbs of New Jersey).  There’s an enormous range in this record, from the rocking (and Springsteen-upending) opener to low-key heartfelt ballads.  Patrick Stickles’ vocals present a more-tolerable (to me, at least) version of Conor Oberst’s nasal whine jsp xml.

4. Walkmen – Lisbon
The Walkmen keep chugging along with their twangy, spare guitars, thumping drums, and wailing vocals — as if they were the Ennio Morricones of urban loneliness.  “Blue as Your Blood” typifies their
cinematic m.o.  These songs aren’t hummable, but they are beautiful Download Kim Jung-ho.

5. Menomena – Mines
There was no album I was awaiting with greater anticipation this year than Mines.  2007’s Friend and Foe was a classic, and this album is rock-solid, too.  Fuzzy bass;  beautiful, carefully arranged tunes mixing strong rhythms and soaring horns and guitars; and intricate wordplay, all showing a band more dedicated than just about any to the total package 암살 영어자막.

6. Stars – The Five Ghosts
The first proper pop album in the list.  LCD Soundsystem screwed everything up when they followed up their initial hit, “Dance Yrself Clean” (almost the song of the year; see below) with the eight worst, most repetitive, stupidest songs to emerge this year.  Hot Chip pulled a similar trick, unfortunately.   But Stars, at least, seems to have taken over The Cardigans’ old role of turning out an album that is catchy, pithy, and perfectly produced with our beloved dueling male-female vocals.  No duds here Download safari pdf.

7. Laura Veirs – July Flame
Laura Veirs has carved out a role as a Pacific Northwest singer-songwriter with a few absolutely killer folk-rock tunes to her name (“Galaxies” and “Pink Light” spring to mind — and I thank Ed Smith for bring them to my attention a few years ago).  Her new album, named for a kind of peach and recorded just before the birth of her first child, carries through on the theme without being maudlin; the second half of this album is as delicious as anything else that came out this year.  “Carol Kaye” is like Simon and Garfunkel resurrected.

8. Spoon – Transference
This seems to be the year when forgotten Spoon gets re-evaluated — I’ve seen it coming already on Pitchfork and The AV Club.  I’m not sure what about this record has re-awakened people to the pop perfection that this band has always offered — maybe it just seems somehow less contrived this time, even though I’m sure the whole thing is as carefully planned as it could possibly be, swaggery and
too-cool-for-school.  Just as Spoon has always been.

9. The Corin Tucker Band – 1,000 Years
“The Tool” — what Corin Tucker’s bandmates in Sleater-Kinney used to call her voice — is back.  After the last S-K album, The Woods, one might expect more overwhelming, crunching, overdriven rock, but that’s largely missing here (“Doubt” is probably the closest this record comes, but even it’s not at all as deliberately off-putting).  It’s been replaced by a broad range of styles — sometimes stripped-down staccato guitar work (“Half a World Away”), sometimes softer vocals over waves of guitar and keyboard (“Handed Love”).  Fans may yearn for S-K to get back together, but if all the members’ forthcoming side projects, like Carrie Brownstein’s collaboration with Helium’s Mary Timony as The Spells, are as successful as 1,000 Years, they can probably live with it.

10.  Arcade Fire — The Suburbs
Last year, the guilty pleasure was Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix; this year it’s the Arcade Fire.  When you take on a universal modern theme like suburbia as the concept behind your art, you ought to have something new and unusual to say, which isn’t really the case here.  The lyrics and posturing here are lame, inauthentic, or teenager-obvious compared to Titus Andronicus, but in the end this album needs to be mentioned on this list because dammit, it is hard (embarrassingly hard!) to stop listening to these songs.  Call me a self-aware sucker.  If you haven’t checked out their collaboration with Google on the video for “We Used to Wait,” you should.

Honorable mentions: Wolf Parade, Expo 86, and Apples in Stereo, Travellers in Space and Time

Song of the Year: My cousin Orlagh sent me this link a few weeks ago from Dublin.  It’s a pair of comedians from Limerick called The Rubberbandits singing their song, “Horse Outside.”  If it’s not the number one song in Ireland right now, it will be shortly.  I’m not saying it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard, but Carlie and I couldn’t stop watching it. Whatever — it’s fun, so it’s as good a pick for this award as any.

The Monday Set: Generationals – Baton Rouge – 11/13/2010

As usual, credit to Carlie...

Chelsea’s Cafe
Baton Rouge, LA

New Orleans’ own Generationals closed out a tour in support of their Trust EP (featured just a short time ago right here on TSOI) at Chelsea’s CafeChelsea’s has a warm spot in the hearts of those-in-the-know in Baton Rouge, and it is just starting to put on more indie shows again following a period of bizarre persecution by the state’s Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (and particularly by the ATC’s commissioner, Murphy Painter — who has since resigned following a criminal investigation into his alleged stalking of a former employee, rather than just good restaurants).  Back to Chelsea’s: it’s a small venue but the sound is dynamite — very little equalization was required to produce a solid-sounding recording.  Here’s to more shows at Chelsea’s Download Sandol Cinema Theater!

As for Generationals, they, too, occupy a warm spot in the hearts of south Louisiana hipsters for their roots in what was probably the most successful rock band to come out of the region since Better than Ezra: The Eames Era.  That band started when Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner were students at LSU — so I left their banter about LSU and Baton Rouge during this show in the recording virtualdub 다운로드.

I have not been able to figure out the titles of three songs — I thought maybe they were Eames Era-era tunes, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.  Any assistance appreciated Download god's parenting diary!

Track listing:

1. Exterior Street Day
2. LSU banter
3. Faces in the Dark
4. Angry Charlie/Unknown track 1 (“We Are the Ones Who Take It Outside”)
5 Download the mkv codec. Unknown track 2
6. Unknown track 3 (“The Dangers of Living Alone”)
7. Nobody Could Change Your Mind
8. When They Fight, They Fight
9 Download the video background music. Moving to BR banter
10. Our Time 2 Shine
11. Carrying the Torch
12. Trust

Download: Generationals – Baton Rouge – 11/13/2010 – 193 MB

Sample: Trust
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The Monday Set: School of Seven Bells – Baton Rouge – 10/11/2010

Carlie gets the great pics...

School of Seven Bells
Spanish Moon
Baton Rouge, LA

Brooklyn band School of Seven Bells arrived in Louisiana this week, minus one member.  As reported on their website the day after this show, Claudia Deheza has just left the band.  Her departure may have been a factor in the somewhat sour tone of the evening.  It wasn’t helped by a poor turnout — this was a late show on a Monday night (the band and openers Active Child even joked about it on Twitter).  Please, Spanish Moon, move these shows an hour earlier!  Worse still were the stupid antics of a few audience members Download Seven Star Electric.

It was hard for me to see exactly what happened from where I was standing, but a guy up at the front seemed to have tried to get up on the stage to touch Alejandra Deheza during “Joviann“; Benjamin Curtis pushed him back down with his foot while continuing to play, and the guy fell on the floor before being hustled out the door by security.  That idiot’s friends ceremoniously walked up to the stage and flipped off the band before making their own exit.  Someone else came up after the song to try and shake hands, but was understandably rebuffed calibri 다운로드.

The whole thing (as Curtis himself noted) was embarrassing for Baton Rouge, which has a hard enough time attracting good bands, though I suspect these guys might have come from out of town.  I’d never seen them before.  I was disgusted enough that I edited that whole thing out of this recording, which is otherwise a really solid set.  If the SVIIB‘ers read this, I hope they’ll consider coming back to give it another try — and we’ll try to keep the assholes out Download naver photos.

Track listing:
1. Half Asleep
2. Heart Is Strange
3. Babelonia
4. Joviann
5. Dust Devil
6. Bye Bye Bye
7 Exo Showtime. Windstorm
8. I L U
9. My Cabal
10. Semipternal/Amarantha

Download: School of Seven Bells – Baton Rouge – 10/11/10 – 292 MB

Sample: “Dust Devil
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The Monday Set: The Hold Steady – New Orleans – 9/24/10

Again, all credit to Carlie!

The Hold Steady
New Orleans

In the second part of a terrific double-bill, The Hold Steady tore the roof off Republic with this mammoth set.  It was admittedly a little weird to see them without keyboardist/mustache-aficionado Franz Nicolay, but they still sound great.  Points of note:

  • The gong behind the drum kit was intriguing, even hidden under cloth before the show started; seems like a ridiculous piece of equipment to drag around on tour unless you’re really going to use it.  But in the end, I only saw Bobby Drake hit it once, during “Sequestered in Memphis.”
  • Craig Finn‘s vocals were mixed low all night, which was a real bummer given how important they are to the songs.  Did my best to EQ them up, but you can’t put something in a recording that’s not there in the first place nikto 다운로드.
  • 24 songs! They were on stage for almost 2 hours and played songs off every record, plus an unreleased song, “Separate Vacations.”

Track listing:
1 Download Hitomi Viewer. The Sweet Part of the City
2. Magazines
3. Rock Problems
4. Hurricane J
5. Sequestered in Memphis
6. Separate Vacations
7 본디스크 모바일 다운로드. Chips Ahoy!
8. Stuck Between Stations
9. Stevie Nix
10. Constructive Summer/Hot Soft Light
11. Lord I’m Discouraged
12 Apollo on the hillside. Barely Breathing
13. The Weekenders
14. You Can Make Him Like You
15. You Gotta Dance with Who You Came to the Dance With
16. Most People Are DJ’s
17 Genuine Babmix. Massive Nights
18. Southtown Girls
19. Slapped Actress
20. Hornets! Hornets!
21. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
22. Stay Positive
23 Download Pls3. How a Resurrection Really Feels

Download: The Hold Steady – New Orleans – 9/24/10 – 509 MB

Sample: “The Weekenders
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The Monday Set – Low – Richmond – February 19, 2001

Alley Katz
Richmond, VA
February 19, 2001

Back in the days before handy portable digital audio recorders, the enterprising fan was often at a loss when wanting to preserve some memory of a beloved band’s live show (especially when such shows were legendary, and didn’t often happen near said enterprising fan’s place of residence).  What to do 시리아나?

Well, occasionally, unscrupulous sound-board guys, lubricated with the modern-day finski (a $20 bill — inflation) could be prevailed upon to provide a copy of the show.  In this case, the board was outfitted with a CD-recorder.  The fine fellow manning the board in this case forgot to finalize the disc at the end, and he didn’t put the track markers in the right place, providing infinite frustration until another recorder could be found to produce a usable copy.  Ah, the early-2000’s Download gifs!

Anyway, here you have a soundboard recording of Low around the time of the release of Things We Lost in the Fire.  I’ll be honest: while I fixed the track markers, I didn’t EQ or normalize this at all.  Parts are incredibly quiet, and others are incredibly loud.  That’s Low, and god bless them for it.  Download Audacity and play with it yourself if you want something different construction simulator 2014.

Oh, and I requested “Soon.”  Expletives can’t express how great this song is.  Alan Sparhawk is screaming his lungs out around 5:15, just nowhere near the mike.  This came right after his extended efforts to get the disco ball hanging from the ceiling to start spinning 윈도우 7 msdn.

Track listing:
1. Embrace
2. Dinosaur Act
3. Venus
4. Two-Step
5. Starfire
6. Disco-Ball Banter
7. Soon
8 Download nx11. Over the Ocean
9. Closer
10. In Metal
11. Missouri
12. The Plan
13. Lust

Download: Low – Richmond – 2/19/01 – 245 MB

Sample: Soon
[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


The Monday Set – Wintersleep – New Orleans – 9/24/10

Thanks to Carlie for the pic!

New Orleans

Let me start by saying I love Wintersleep.  I don’t know what it is about them; something visceral, I think.  Also, they’ve got a song about an archaeologist, and it’s really good.  On their albums, they’re more sedate than they are live, and I guess seeing them live first (opening for Wolf Parade in Baton Rouge in 2008) was what really turned me on to them 1그램 플레이어 다운로드. But their recorded songs are great, too — similar in sound and scope to those of The National, perhaps even more melodic.  Oh, and a tenor rather than baritone for a singer Coyote Tuggerause.

This energetic set comes from another opening gig, this time for The Hold Steady, but plenty of people were there to see this band, including two girls and a guy who kept waving a full-size Nova Scotia flag throughout the show (see photo) 코딩스크래치.

So: these guys deserve a US headlining tour themselves.  Here’s hoping that happens sometime in the near future.

Track listing:

1 Download Windows 10. Drunk on Aluminum
2. Encyclopedia
3. A Terrible Man
4. Dead Letter
5. Weighty Ghost
6. Black Camera
7. Baltic
8 최신 가요 무료. Laser Beams
9. Miasmal Smoke and the Yellow-Bellied Freaks

Sample: Black Camera

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

Download: Wintersleep – New Orleans – 9/24/10 – 215 MB

The Monday Set: Stars – Amsterdam – 9/5/10

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Montreal band Stars are touring in support of their new self-released album The Five Ghosts, which is pretty rock-solid Download the movie Mount Paektu. In brief, it seems that they’re now attempting to take over The Cardigans’ idea (circa 1998 – Gran Turismo-era) to process their their analog instruments so they sound electronic…and (also just like The Cardigans) I like it 나 혼자만 레벨업 pdf 다운로드.

I caught Stars in Amsterdam last week, at the famous venue known as Melkweg.  This place started in the late ’60’s as a squat in a former dairy (hence the name, which means “Milky Way”).  It now includes two separate music venues, a cafe, and art exhibition space.  It’s also surrounded on three sides by canals, which I thought was pretty neat.  I had read that the venue was renovated in 2007; it is spectacular.  Terrific acoustics, and the layout is such that it was hard to find a bad place to stand.  Also: the shortest wait to get a drink at the bar that I’ve ever experienced at a rock show Download the full metal jacket.

This show came at the end of a week in which the Dutch weather was truly sublime — temperatures in the mid-60’s and abundant sunshine.  Amy Millan memorably dedicated one song (“Wasted Daylight”) to those who spent the day in bed anyway Whale.

Track listing:
1. He Dreams He’s Awake
2. Set Yourself on Fire
3. The Passenger
4. One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead)
5 롱베케이션 다운로드. How Much More
6. Time Can Never Kill the True Heart
7. Undertow
8. Fixed
9. We Don’t Want Your Body
10. Going, Going, Gone
11 Download the smartphone hack tool. Take Me to the Riot
12. I Died So I Could Haunt You
13. Wasted Daylight
14. Heart
15. Elevator Love Letter
16. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
17 로그인 폼 무료 다운로드. Encore banter
18. Dead Hearts
19. Ageless Beauty
20. Calendar Girl

Sample: [audio:|titles=Wasted Daylight (Live)|artists=Stars]

Download: Stars – Amsterdam – 9/5/10 – 394 MB