Alley Katz
Richmond, VA
February 19, 2001

Back in the days before handy portable digital audio recorders, the enterprising fan was often at a loss when wanting to preserve some memory of a beloved band’s live show (especially when such shows were legendary, and didn’t often happen near said enterprising fan’s place of residence).  What to do?

Well, occasionally, unscrupulous sound-board guys, lubricated with the modern-day finski (a $20 bill — inflation) could be prevailed upon to provide a copy of the show.  In this case, the board was outfitted with a CD-recorder.  The fine fellow manning the board in this case forgot to finalize the disc at the end, and he didn’t put the track markers in the right place, providing infinite frustration until another recorder could be found to produce a usable copy.  Ah, the early-2000’s!

Anyway, here you have a soundboard recording of Low around the time of the release of Things We Lost in the Fire.  I’ll be honest: while I fixed the track markers, I didn’t EQ or normalize this at all.  Parts are incredibly quiet, and others are incredibly loud.  That’s Low, and god bless them for it.  Download Audacity and play with it yourself if you want something different.

Oh, and I requested “Soon.”  Expletives can’t express how great this song is.  Alan Sparhawk is screaming his lungs out around 5:15, just nowhere near the mike.  This came right after his extended efforts to get the disco ball hanging from the ceiling to start spinning.

Track listing:
1. Embrace
2. Dinosaur Act
3. Venus
4. Two-Step
5. Starfire
6. Disco-Ball Banter
7. Soon
8. Over the Ocean
9. Closer
10. In Metal
11. Missouri
12. The Plan
13. Lust

Download: Low – Richmond – 2/19/01 – 245 MB

Sample: Soon
[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20101004/Low-Soon-Live.mp3″]


  1. Thanks so much for this. I was listening to Things We Lost in The Fire earlier today – I used to reckon it was the beginning of Low and me drifting apart but actually it gets better and better after each listen!

  2. Though I was never the biggest fan of Low, I would put on shows for them up in Minneapolis. Some of the nicest people I ever had to deal with. Thanks for posting it!

  3. thanks a lot for sharing this! Is it OK if I upload this to the LMA? See: http://www.archive.org/details/LowMusic
    I want to make some slight improvements: there’s a few plops and clicks that I want to try to clean up as much as possible. And the really loud parts are clipped, e.g. at the end of Soon. But it doesn’t need further EQ-ing, it’s perfect 🙂

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