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New Orleans

Let me start by saying I love Wintersleep.  I don’t know what it is about them; something visceral, I think.  Also, they’ve got a song about an archaeologist, and it’s really good.  On their albums, they’re more sedate than they are live, and I guess seeing them live first (opening for Wolf Parade in Baton Rouge in 2008) was what really turned me on to them. But their recorded songs are great, too — similar in sound and scope to those of The National, perhaps even more melodic.  Oh, and a tenor rather than baritone for a singer.

This energetic set comes from another opening gig, this time for The Hold Steady, but plenty of people were there to see this band, including two girls and a guy who kept waving a full-size Nova Scotia flag throughout the show (see photo).

So: these guys deserve a US headlining tour themselves.  Here’s hoping that happens sometime in the near future.

Track listing:

1. Drunk on Aluminum
2. Encyclopedia
3. A Terrible Man
4. Dead Letter
5. Weighty Ghost
6. Black Camera
7. Baltic
8. Laser Beams
9. Miasmal Smoke and the Yellow-Bellied Freaks

Sample: Black Camera

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Download: Wintersleep – New Orleans – 9/24/10 – 215 MB

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  1. I went just to see Wintersleep. They were awesome, but I wish I could have listened to them play longer. The Hold Steady who?

    I hope they come back to New Orleans as the headlining act in the near future!!

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