New Model Army fall in the arena of The Alarm and U2 as far as articulate UK-based rock bands formed in the early 80s that were able to successfully address social conscious subjects. NMA more so than the other UK peers ran a bit more urgent framed by their galloping rhythm section and lyrical topicality, which, along with being a bit rougher around the edges sonically, might have kept them from becoming quite as popular as, say The Alarm, in the US. At their best, such as with Thunder and Consolation, NMA were able to toe the line of agit-rock and still rock.

NMA is headed up by AndrewJustin Sullivan, who has soldiered on through the years (with a few solo excursions) and is now celebrating 30 years, in much the same manner, I suppose, as the still extant The Alarm and U2. Of course, the sad aspect of becoming reacquainted with songs with polemical messages from the early 80s is how sadly applicable the lyrics still are. For instance, from “225”, included here live; “this golden age of communication means everyone just talks at the same time” whose message was not missed on this Twitter bug. Likewise, NMA‘s warnings of unfettered corporate abuse of power and the environment is still best answered by the “225”‘s chorus, “I swear, we never asked for any of this”.

Today, NMA is touring behind 30 years and let’s hope that something happens these coming years to render their lyrics as quaint snap-shot of a unenlightened past. Wouldn’t that be great.

Download: New Model Army – 225 (Live)

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  1. NMA is headed up by Andrew Sullivan

    I think you mean Justin Sullivan. Andrew Sullivan is a political commentator, on the opposite side of the aisle.

  2. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ooops! Good catch. I am mystified how I could have made that mistake. I think it was gremlins. Must be gremlins. Thanks!

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