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The Monday Set: Gus Gus – Roskilde – 6/27/97

Gus Gus
Roskilde Festival
Roskilde, Denmark

One of the most memorable shows I attended in the ’90s was Gus Gus at First Avenue in Minneapolis ativ tv 다운로드. On tour for their Polydistortion record, they put on a multimedia show which was on par with what you would see today which was unheard of at the time download mqtt. They played the Roskilde Festival that same year and someone had the foresight to record this set from FM radio. It’s the best live Gus Gus I’ve come across Download screensaver.

1. Polyesterday
2. Gun
3. Barry
4. Unknown Track
5. Remembrance
6. Believe
7 Download Rebecca. Purple

Sample: [audio:|titles=Believe (Live)|artists=Gus Gus]

Download: Gus Gus – Roskilde – 6/27/97 – 309 MB


Gus Gus – Believe (Live)


To this day, I think that Gus Gus’ “Polydistortion” is in the category of the top 20 4AD releases of all time for me, which is no easy feat 1080p video. And looking back on it, their live performances of the mid ’90s were probably only rivaled by The Orb. This recording found it’s way in my collection thanks to a trade in the late-90’s but with little information except a label that said “London 97-99.” It’s a great recording including this 12+ minute version of Believe Download the Wai scene.

[audio:|titles=Believe (Live)|artists=Gus Gus]

Download: Gus Gus – Believe (Live)


GusGus – Polyesterday (Video and Original Mix)

[flv: 426 320]

GusGus – Polyesterday (Video)
GusGus – Polyesterday (Original Mix)

When “Polydistortion” was released, GusGus sent out a bunch of promo videos to record stores which included the Polyesterday and Believe videos 메이븐 라이브러리 다운로드. The videocassettes were strange because they were these styrofoam casings with paper labels, so once you ripped the paper label off, the actual tape was exposed Download Windows 10 ltsb. They worked in VHS players, but they weren’t made for any kind of longevity. I finally converted mine to DVD.

Also, someone noticed that I was looking for the original mix of “Polyesterday” and pointed me to the link to the song on GusGus’ website 무료 클래식 음악. I’ve also included that for download today.

Download: GusGus – Polyesterday (Video)

Download: GusGus – Polyesterday (Original Mix)


Gus Gus – Polyesterday (Live)

What really stands out about Gus Gus is that you could tell their live show was as much about the visuals as it was about the music full service 다운로드. When they came to the states on the “Polydistortion” tour I saw their show at First Avenue in Minneapolis and it was amazing. They were the first band that I saw that had people mixing video live along with the music 델파이 xe7. Now it can be done with a $800 iMac, but back then it was an amazing task. This track was recorded in 1997 at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. One thing that I’ve always wanted to find was the original version of this song that couldn’t be released due to Steve Wonder refusing to grant clearance for samples aoa 전집 다운로드.
[audio:|titles=Polyesterday (Live)|artists=Gus Gus]

Download: Gus Gus – Polyesterday (Live)