The Monday Set: Eyes Of Fluth – Cigarilla (Demo)

Eyes Of Fluth
Cigarilla (Demo)

It’s a rare occasion when you can’t find anything about a band on the web, but that’s the case with Eyes Of Fluth Download geozebra. A Google search only comes up with one reference, which is something that I posted over at The Rapid City Punk Rock Archive (which, if you haven’t visited, it’s an amazing resource of late ’80s/early 90’s punk rock) Download the keyboard piano. I saw this Sioux Falls, SD band play live in 1990 and I distinctly remember them. Many years later, a friend of mine made me a copy of their demo. It’s a great example of late-80s punk rock when songs were simple, everyone played through Crate amps, and homemade 4-track demo cassettes were all the rage geotools 다운로드.

1. Unhinged
2. Premature Burial
3. Overture of Death
4. Planted Seed
5. Acid Splash
6. Tear Down The Wall
7 Timspeake. Brain Meltdown
8. Elvis Is Dead
9. George of the Jungle

[audio:|titles=Elvis is Dead (Live)|artists=Eyes of Fluth]

Download: Eyes Of Fluth – Cigarilla (Demo) – 158 MB