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The Monday Set: Cut Copy – New York City – 4/1/11

This past April, Cut Copy made their triumphant return to NYC after playing Brooklyn last summer, which was a brief post-Lollapalooza stopover at the Williamsburg Waterfront (See previous TSOI post) Download Picture Fandango. This show was the 1st of a 3 night stand at NYC’s Terminal 5, where LCD Soundsystem had just wrapped up a 4-night stand the night before (see previous TSOI post).This time the band was touring in support of their 4th album Zonoscope, which had just been officially released microsoft fix it 다운로드. The set was heavy on new material as well as well as “In Ghost Colors”.  Strangely, the band completely ignored “Bright Like Neon Love” save for a fantastic version of “Saturdays”.  Also conspicuously absent from the set were the Zonoscope tracks “Alisa” and “Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution” Download The First Fairretail. Not that I mind, as I assume they’re just trying to keep those songs fresh for later tours in support of the album.

Terminal 5 04/01/11
1 악동뮤지션 200. Visions
2. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
3. Where I’m Going
4. So Haunted
5. Corner of the Sky
6. Lights and Music
7 샌 안드레아스 자막. Take Me Over
8. Pharaohs and Pyramids
9. Saturdays
10. Hearts on Fire
11. Sun God

Encore 1:
12. Need You Now
13 유리구슬 안무. Out There on the Ice

Encore 2:
14. Feel the Love

Download: Cut Copy – New York City – 4/1/11 – 110 MB

Sample: Feel The Love (Live)
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Cut Copy: Hearts on Fire, Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution (Live)

For those who aren’t familiar with Cut Copy, you probably should be between paint tools. While the “electro/new wave/synth-pop” formula has been done over and over again to the point of death, then done some more, Cut Copy manages to do it better than just about everyone else in the business while managing to keep it fresh sounding.  Originally starting out as a project of Australian DJ Dan Whitford, the lineup has been expanded to a 4-piece in recent years, and are now billed as a full-fledged band 다운로드. Heaps of much deserved critical and commercial praise has been lavished upon the band in their 10-year existence, and through it all they have kept a rigid independent streak: the band has repeatedly turned down offers to tour with much larger acts such as Lady Gaga and Nine Inch Nails 캠핑클럽 3화.

This show was part of the free “Pool Party” concert series that takes place in Brooklyn every summer, which is just one of the many concert related perks I get to benefit from by living in the borough Download the jar game mobile. The band has been holed up in the studio working on it’s follow up to 2008’s In Ghost Colours for the past year and a half, but made the trek to the U.S 신데렐라 탈출. to play this past summer’s Lollapalooza in Chicago. On the way back home, the band decided to pay Brooklyn a visit for a quick hour-long set Latest 2019 May. Despite having to sit through the obnoxious house DJs they had as openers, I was still thoroughly entertained by the band’s all too brief set, and it was nice to get a preview of some tracks from the bands upcoming release months in advance 아이패드 서체.

You should definitely check out the band’s new album “Zonoscope” which is due for release next month. Although you could probably acquire it now if you know which websites of ill repute to download it from 스위치 펌웨어 8.1.0.

Lights and Music
Far Away
Where I’m Going
That Was Just a Dream
Feel the Love
So Haunted
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution
Hearts on Fire

Sands of Time
Out There on the Ice

Download: Cut Copy: Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution (Live)

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Download: Cut Copy: Hearts on Fire (Live)

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Avalanche: Best of the Decade

Top 20 Releases of 2000-2009

These might not be the most important or groundbreaking releases per se but these are simply the records that have become stalwarts in my music heavy rotation that purr along with classics from the 80s and 90s.

1. Dean and Britta – L’ Avventura (2002)
2. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours (2008)
3 Download the Japanese dictionary. Cinerama – This is Cinerama (2000)
4. Modest Mouse – Moon Over Antartica (2000)
5. Lungfish – Love is Love (2003)
6. Ian Brown – Music of the Spheres (2002)
7. Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit (2006)
8 Download Windows Media Player 10. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Etiquette (2006)
9. Tindersticks – Hungry Saw (2009)
10. The Natural History – The Natural History EP (2002)
11. Low – Trust (2002)
12. The Legends – Facts and Figures (2007)
13 로지텍 키보드 드라이버 다운로드. Jeremy Jay – Slow Dance (2009)
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell (2003)
15. Child Ballads – Cheekbone Hollows EP (2008)
16. The Postal Service – Give Up (2003)
17. Calla – Scavengers (2000)
18. Blonde Redhead – Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (2000)
19 언페어. The Kills – Midnight Boom (2008)
20. Ladytron – Velocifer (2008)

Top 20 Concerts of Decade

These are the shows that most emblazoned on my retinas for whatever reason. For instance, The Modest Mouse show was soon after 911 and featured huge projections of buildings collapsing in reverse while MM performed songs from the epic celestial themed “Moon over Antarctica” algif.

Here is my top 20 best shows, and whenever there is any supporting evidence, I link to it. Enjoy.

1. Lungfish – Southpaw, NY, NY (2005)
2. Laibach – The Town Hall, NY, NY (2007)
3. Flin Flon – Luna Lounge, NY, NY (2002)
4 bad guys more movies. Fever Ray – Webster Hall, NY, NV (2009)
6. Final CBGB shows (New York Dolls, Vandals, Dead Boys, Offspring, Circle Jerks, etc) – CBGBs, NY, NY (2005)
7 에이핑크 luv. The 3 Terrors (The Magnetic Fields) – various, NY, NY (1999 – 2005)
8. The Tindersticks – Brooklyn Masonic Temple, NY, NY (2009)
9. Dean and Britta (performing Galaxy 500), The Zipper Room, NY, NY (2008)
10. The Child Ballads – Knitting Factory, NY, NY (2007)
12. Freeheat – Brownies, NY, NY (2002)
13. Wire – South Street Seaport, NY, NY (2007)
15 엑셀 매크로 파일. Siouxsie – Irving Plaza, NY, NY (2008)
16. FischerSpooner/Peaches – Terminal 5, NY, NY (2003)
18. MAKE UP – THE COOLER, NY, NY (2000)
19 Download geozebra. 7 Seconds – Webster Hall, New York City, NY (2009)
20. Suicide – Europa, Brooklyn, NY (2008)

Cut Copy – Faraway (Ruby Isle Remix)

I’ve had this track sitting on my desktop at work for a couple of months ago and I’m finally getting around to posting it Metal slug x. Even though Ruby Isle didn’t make my top 10 records last year, their “Night Shot” record got many rotations in the ol’ CD player in my car Download high school textbooks. When comparing this track to a lot of the other electrohouse remixes I’ve heard lately, you can really tell the difference between someone who knows what they are doing and someone who just picked up a copy of Ableton Live and threw a remix together Download exchange rate data. Ruby Isle knows what they’re doing and this goes down as one of the more polished remixes I’ve heard.

[audio:|titles=Faraway Ruby Isle Remix|artists=Cut Copy]

Download: Cut Copy – Faraway (Ruby Isle Remix)

Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (Live)

The corralling of this recording is due, in large part, thanks to Operative T-man and Operative Quimby 전선야곡 mp3.

Today is the release of Cut Copy’s new record, In Ghost Colours. Cut Copy (from Austrailia) along with Hot Chip (from the UK), Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (from the US), and The Legends (from Sweden) make up the most notable continent-spanning Tetrarchy since Diocletian of Roman times destiny guardians soundtrack. This time, the Tetrarchy wield 808s to rule the global synth-based New Wave Empire. Three of the four (ahem: Legends – all eyes on you now) have confirmed new albums out or soon to be out and the same three also have Spring tours through New York 다음 tv 팟.

Cut Copy (or The Cutters to some) are touring with the Black Kids but did an early show at Studio B on the Ides of March, a few weeks ago Download Iron Man. This is a song recorded live at said show that will be on on the album released today. In general the new songs kill live, so I look forward to hearing the full studio album Download motion graphics.

This track, “Hearts on Fire”, was released as a single in 2007 and will be included on the new album.
[audio:|titles=Hearts On Fire (Live)|artists=Cut Copy]
Download: Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (Live)