Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (Live)

The corralling of this recording is due, in large part, thanks to Operative T-man and Operative Quimby 전선야곡 mp3.

Today is the release of Cut Copy’s new record, In Ghost Colours. Cut Copy (from Austrailia) along with Hot Chip (from the UK), Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (from the US), and The Legends (from Sweden) make up the most notable continent-spanning Tetrarchy since Diocletian of Roman times destiny guardians soundtrack. This time, the Tetrarchy wield 808s to rule the global synth-based New Wave Empire. Three of the four (ahem: Legends – all eyes on you now) have confirmed new albums out or soon to be out and the same three also have Spring tours through New York 다음 tv 팟.

Cut Copy (or The Cutters to some) are touring with the Black Kids but did an early show at Studio B on the Ides of March, a few weeks ago Download Iron Man. This is a song recorded live at said show that will be on on the album released today. In general the new songs kill live, so I look forward to hearing the full studio album Download motion graphics.

This track, “Hearts on Fire”, was released as a single in 2007 and will be included on the new album.
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Download: Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (Live)