The Monday Set: Phantogram – Los Angeles – 3/4/10

Bordello Bar
Los Angeles, CA

Phantogram came through Los Angeles last week and I got to catch them at one of my favorite venues, Bordello Bar 이모 디오 언어 팩. I was actually pretty shocked that they packed the club. I mistakenly thought I was one of the few people in-the-know about this band. The lucky 200 or so enthusiastic folks who got in were treated to an amazing performance 킹스맨 1. Do yourself a favor and catch them on this tour because after seeing their performance, I guarantee they will be playing monster-sized venues in the not too distant future Download kyobo mungo epub.

1. As Far As I Can See
2. Let Me Go
3. Mouthful of Diamonds
4. Running From The Cops
5. You Are The Ocean
6 삼성 세팅. Make A Fist
7. Turn It Off
8. When I’m Small
9. All Dried Up
10. Voices

Sample: [audio:|titles=As Far As I Can See (Live)|artists=Phantogram]

Download: Phantogram – Los Angeles – 3/4/10 – 257 MB

Update: Thanks to Nick for IDing the unknown tracks kormarc 다운로드.