[flv:http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100310/Stereolab-PingPong.flv http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100310/20100310.jpg 426 320]

Stereolab – Ping Pong
Tuxedo Junction
Danbury, CT

Out of the many early-to-mid 90’s Stereolab live videos that have been circulated, this one from Danbury, CT is by far the best quality I’ve seen. I can only think it must have been someone’s school project because it’s a great 2 camera setup with audio from what sounds like the soundboard. I can only guess that it was probably some ambitious student’s class project because equipment to do such “fancy” transitions back then wasn’t exactly cheap to come by.

Download: Stereolab – Ping Pong (Live Video)

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