Next to maybe Kill Rock Stars very first spoken word 7″s, this record by Emily’s Sassy Lime might have been the label’s best kept secret. I absolutely loved their full length “Desperate, Scared, but Social” and got to see them in ’96 (look in the archives for footage from that show), but I didn’t hear about the “Dippity Do-nut” 7″ that this track is from until years after it was released. And unlike now, I was obsessive about keeping up with new releases. I’m still trying to figure out how this one slipped past me. So check out this title track from this under-rated and certainly under-promoted 7″.

[audio:|titles=Dippity Do-Nut|artists=Emily’s Sassy Lime]

Download: Emily’s Sassy Lime – Dippity Do-Nut

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  1. yes! i love this esl 7″ back in ’96 when it came out. i play’d it o’er and o’er ’til it nearly wore out. when i actually got desperate, scared but social i was disappointed; i was ready for a whole lp of hits this hott, but found it rather lacking.

    anyway: thanks for the trip down ye olde memory lane.

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