Monday Set: Jonathan Fire*Eater – Wheaton – 8/10/96

Jonathan Fire*Eater
Wheaton, MD

If you’re a regular TSOI reader, you will notice there hasn’t been a “Monday Set” posted in quite some time. I have to blame that on AT&T’s general shoddy DSL service here in Southern California, uTorrent on Windows 7 causing me ALL KINDS of connection issues and my general laziness. The combination of the three proved deadly for TSOI. Well, The Monday Set is back today and with what I consider one of the serious gems from my collection.

If you look back in the archive, you will find quite a few references to Jonathan Fire*Eater over the past couple of years and it’s a general consensus that most our writers would consider themselves “super fans” of theirs. What makes the shows from the summer of 1996 special is the addition of two “Unknown Tracks” to their live set. From what I can gather, these two songs must have been contenders to be included on “Wolf Songs For Lambs” but didn’t make the cut. It’s amazing that JF*E’s throwaway tracks are better than what most bands will write in their entire carrier. The unfortunate thing is that this is by far the best sounding recording of these two tracks that I’ve ever come across.

1. This Is My Room
2. Search For Cherry Red
3. Unknown Track
4. These Little Monkeys
5. Unknown Track
6. Give Me Daughters
7. Bipolar Summer
8. When Prince Was A Kid
9. When the Curtain Calls for You
10. Audience

Sample: [audio:|titles=Unknown Track (Live)|artists=Jonathan Fire*Eater]

Download: Jonathan Fire*Eater – Wheaton – 8/10/96 – 220 MB


  1. I’m the guy who hates Jonathan Fire Eater — at least, or maybe especially, their lead singer, who I always found deeply aggravating live. The bobble-headed drummer was OK, though.

  2. My worst memory of Minneapolis was being taken by Adrian and Jason to the 400 Bar for a “big surprise” only to find out it was JFE. Those jackasses (Adrian and Jason as well as JFE).

  3. What are you talking about!?! That show at the 400 Bar was so good! Especially when they did the whole “rock star” ending to their set and walked off stage and the door to the dressing room was locked. They had nowhere to go so they just stood in the corner until they got back on stage and played an encore. Classic!

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