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The Blow: True Affection (Live): CMJ 2010 Part 9/10

CMJ 2010 Report Part 9 of 10 Download KakaoTalk Psa.

This past Roctober, New York hosted its yearly CMJ (College Music Journal) Music Marathon. As the name indicates, The CMJ Music Marathon is a massive concentration of 100s of bands that descend on NYC like locusts and swarm every NYC venue over the course of a week leaving hangovers and ringing ears in their wake 수업 종소리.

The most notable bands caught at CMJ 2010 are: Savoir Adore, Alex Winston, Octant, Candy Claws, Kisses, Titus Andronicus, Holy Ghost!, Mathew Dear, Dean and Britta, Crocodiles, The Blow, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart kt music. Other bands caught were: Invisible Kid, Eklin, Samuel, Buke and Gass, Gold Panda, and a few others. We are in the middle of a 10 part CMJ series featuring the highlights of CMJ 2010 so check the archives and be sure to check back daily between paint tools!

The Blow, as seen live at least, is Khaela Maricich singing unaccompanied other than by a pre-recorded rudimentary synth melody and drum machine beats 다운로드. A girl singing to backing track sounds like a total snooze, but there is certainly nothing boring about the performance. The Blow set features extended Khaela monologues between numbers that very smartly bare her chick-lit soul including her intimate fears and observations – all in a humorous, sly, and slightly saucy manner 캠핑클럽 3화. Probably as well known for her inter-song interludes as her basic, but clever songs, she has gathered quite a fan base. What makes The Blow continue to be so unique is the ability to ‘perform’ a show rather than being up on stage playing songs Download the jar game mobile. Although her recordings are certainly worthy, The Blow performances are really always where it is really at.

Download: The Blow: True Affection (Live)

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The Blow – Hey Boy (Live)

Last week Khaela played a solo show at The Echo here in Los Angeles Oletv. Jona was on tour with Yacht at the same time so she was playing some shows alone. I’m not sure if her show at The Troubadour earlier in the week was solo, but she needed no ones help to put on a great show Download the free movie. They are playing a whole slew of shows in the next couple of months and I can’t stress it enough that if you have a chance to see them, make sure to do it Download The MacBook Illustration. A special thanks to Cherbonsy for the recording.
[audio:|titles=Hey Boy (Live)|artists=The Blow]
Download: The Blow – Hey Boy (Live)