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The Monday Set: Swallow – Camden – 8/25/92

The Camden Underground
Camden, UK

Here’s “The Monday Set” a day late Access 2010 free. We had a request last week for this show. It’s definitely a “fans only” deal because the sound is pretty horrible, but I’ve only come across 2 live Swallow recordings and this one is definitely the better of the two 섀도우 헌터스. I didn’t have enough time to figure out the exact track listing, so if anyone downloads the set and figures it out, please post it in the comments Sorry city. Also, one other thing to note, Googling “4AD Swallow Live” brings up A LOT of questionable images.


1. Mensural
2 진국님 롬. Cherry Stars Collide
3. Peekaboo
4. Sugar Your Mind
5. Lovesleep
6. Oceans And Blue Skies
7. Unknown Track

Update: Thanks to Baal of Confusion for assisting on the setlist 이직확인서.

Sample: [audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100426/Swallow-Lovesleep.mp3|titles=Lovesleep (Live)|artists=Swallow]

Download: Swallow – Camden – 8/25/92 – 200 MB


Swallow – Sugar Your Mind (Live)

Swallow were one of those 4AD bands that I always really liked, but never knew that much about Blank space. Here’s what the 4AD site has to say about them:

Swallow were a duo of instrumentalist Mike Mason and vocalist Louise Trehy whose music juggled elements of My Bloody Valentine, The Cocteau Twins and Curve Pink Pong Fairy Tale. They released one album proper, Blow, as well as Blowback, a 4AD ‘Temporary Release’ featuring largely instrumental remixes.

I know live recordings of theirs are pretty hard to come by so I wanted to post this just in case there are some other Swallow fans out there 미국에서 멜론. I traded with a guy in the UK for a couple of live recordings years ago and I’ve never seen any since. This song comes from their August 1992 show at The Camden Underground in the UK Science movie. Sorry for the poor quality.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060816/Swallow-SugarYourMind.mp3|titles=Sugar Your Mind (Live) |artists=Swallow]
Download: Swallow – Sugar Your Mind (Live)