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Here’s “The Monday Set” a day late. We had a request last week for this show. It’s definitely a “fans only” deal because the sound is pretty horrible, but I’ve only come across 2 live Swallow recordings and this one is definitely the better of the two. I didn’t have enough time to figure out the exact track listing, so if anyone downloads the set and figures it out, please post it in the comments. Also, one other thing to note, Googling “4AD Swallow Live” brings up A LOT of questionable images.


1. Mensural
2. Cherry Stars Collide
3. Peekaboo
4. Sugar Your Mind
5. Lovesleep
6. Oceans And Blue Skies
7. Unknown Track

Update: Thanks to Baal of Confusion for assisting on the setlist.

Sample: [audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100426/Swallow-Lovesleep.mp3|titles=Lovesleep (Live)|artists=Swallow]

Download: Swallow – Camden – 8/25/92 – 200 MB


  1. Track titles:

    1) Mensural
    2) Cherry Stars Collide
    3) Peekaboo

    6) Oceans And Blues Skies

    I haven’t been able to figure out what track 7 is.

  2. thanks so much for posting this. do you have the other show that you mention? i would kill three virgins just to hear that recording once….not really but i would be crazy stoked to hear that. i have some stuff to trade if that’s your deal/ alot of videos and other rare audio recordings. do you have the swallow remix album called Blowback? if not you should..here is a link


  3. I discussed this with Bradley’s Almanac a while back how we both think Blowback is actually better than Blow. Such a great record. I do have the other recording, I’ll try and put it up in the not too distant future. The quality isn’t as good, but it’s a later recording, from ’94 if I remember correctly.

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