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Sleater-Kinney – Sold Out (Live Video)

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Sleater-Kinney – Sold Out
Bryn Mawr
Philadelphia, PA

The quality of this video isn’t the greatest, but it was a such rarity that you would find Sleater-Kinney playing tracks from their self-titled release during the “Call The Doctor” tour Download the representative prayer. As such, I wanted to post it for the die-hard fans. One other thing to note, you’ll see Toni Gogin on drums in this recording. She was never on any of their recordings, and from what I remember, only played with Corin and Carrie on this one tour Download the web link.

Download: Sleater-Kinney – Sold Out (Live Video)

The Monday Set: Sleater-Kinney – Atlanta, GA – 5/22/97

The Point
Atlanta, GA

The Sound Of Indie is back after a short X-Mas break 이모 디오 언어 팩. This is a recording of a Sleater-Kinney show from Atlanta that I received from the original taper many years ago. Surprisingly it’s the only live Sleater-Kinney audio I own 킹스맨 1. Not the best sounding recording, but I was able to EQ it a little bit to make it sound more full.

Set List:
1. Dig Me Out
2. Stay Where You Are
3 Download kyobo mungo epub. Turn It On
4. The Drama You’ve Been Craving
5. One More Hour
6. Call the Doctor
7. It’s Enough
8. Heart Factory
9 삼성 세팅. Joey Ramone
10. Little Babies
11. Good Things
12. Little Mouth
13. I’m Not Waiting
14. Sold Out

[audio:|titles=One More Hour (Live)|artists=Sleater Kinney]
One More Hour (Live)

Download: The Monday Set: Sleater-Kinney – Atlanta, GA – 5/22/97 – 243 MB

Sleater-Kinney – Little Mouth (Live Video)

Download The Weather

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Sleater-Kinney – Little Mouth
The Whole Music Club
Minneapolis, MN

This is a clip from the first time I saw Sleater-Kinney kormarc 다운로드. It has their old drummer whose name escapes me, but I do remember she wasn’t the nicest individual I’ve ever met. I was glad that Janet had replaced her the next time they came through Download the key note sample.

Download: Sleater-Kinney – Little Mouth (Live Video)

Sleater-Kinney – Be Yr Mama (Live Video)

Morning yard

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Sleater-Kinney – Be Yr Mama
New York City, NY

CBGB’s closed it’s doors last week 구글 드라이브 모바일 폴더 다운로드. Rumor has it they might be moving the club to Las Vegas. If that’s the case, you’ll see Celine Dion guest appearances instead of Blondie cd 번호부 다운로드. This is a great clip of Sleater-Kinney playing there about 10 years ago.

Download: Sleater-Kinney – Be Yr Mama (Live Video)

Tommy – Unknown Track (Live Video)

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Tommy – Unknown Track
Syracuse University
New York City, NY
March 2, 1997

Tommy was a “supergroup” comprised of Lois Maffeo and Carrie Brownstein 겨울왕국 2 무료 다운로드. I don’t think they ever put out a release, so I don’t know the name of this track, but they did play quite few live shows so there are a few other recordings floating around out there Download Drama Palace.

Download: Tommy – Unknown Track (Live Video)

Sleater-Kinney – Why Ask Why (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Sleater-Kinney – Unknown Track (Live Video)
No Life Records
Los Angeles, CA

I’m sure that there’s a Sleater-Kinney fan out there that can tell me the name of this track 오크의 역습. I don’t recognize it from any of their records, perhaps from one of their 7″s.

Update: Thanks to Adam, S-K fan extraordinaire, I now have the name of the song 동화책 읽어주기. Thanks!

Download: Sleater Kinney – Why Ask Why (Live Video)

Sleater-Kinney – One More Hour (Live)

Tivo is one of the greatest inventions ever 사파리에서 동영상. I no longer have to worry about missing shows that air at times when I’m usually out doing something else or when there’s a better show on a different channel Download wordpress themes. When I sat down on Monday night to watch The L-Word, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a guest appearance for Sleater-Kinney had been written into the episode 더 길드 2. As far as bands playing on TV shows go, it was one of my favorites. Right up there with The Cardigans on Beverly Hills 90210 and The Walkmen on The O.C 크로미움 엣지. (or Lil’ Bev-Niner as I like to call it). If you missed it, I’m sure you can find it on You Tube or BitTorrent. To tide you over during your search, here’s a live recording of “One More Hour” from Central Park in 1997 dji.
[audio:|titles=One More Hour (Live)|artists=Sleater-Kinney]

Download: Sleater-Kinney – One More Hour (Live)