The Monday Set: Sleater-Kinney – Atlanta, GA – 5/22/97

The Point
Atlanta, GA

The Sound Of Indie is back after a short X-Mas break 이모 디오 언어 팩. This is a recording of a Sleater-Kinney show from Atlanta that I received from the original taper many years ago. Surprisingly it’s the only live Sleater-Kinney audio I own 킹스맨 1. Not the best sounding recording, but I was able to EQ it a little bit to make it sound more full.

Set List:
1. Dig Me Out
2. Stay Where You Are
3 Download kyobo mungo epub. Turn It On
4. The Drama You’ve Been Craving
5. One More Hour
6. Call the Doctor
7. It’s Enough
8. Heart Factory
9 삼성 세팅. Joey Ramone
10. Little Babies
11. Good Things
12. Little Mouth
13. I’m Not Waiting
14. Sold Out

[audio:|titles=One More Hour (Live)|artists=Sleater Kinney]
One More Hour (Live)

Download: The Monday Set: Sleater-Kinney – Atlanta, GA – 5/22/97 – 243 MB