The Point
Atlanta, GA

The Sound Of Indie is back after a short X-Mas break. This is a recording of a Sleater-Kinney show from Atlanta that I received from the original taper many years ago. Surprisingly it’s the only live Sleater-Kinney audio I own. Not the best sounding recording, but I was able to EQ it a little bit to make it sound more full.

Set List:
1. Dig Me Out
2. Stay Where You Are
3. Turn It On
4. The Drama You’ve Been Craving
5. One More Hour
6. Call the Doctor
7. It’s Enough
8. Heart Factory
9. Joey Ramone
10. Little Babies
11. Good Things
12. Little Mouth
13. I’m Not Waiting
14. Sold Out

[audio:|titles=One More Hour (Live)|artists=Sleater Kinney]
One More Hour (Live)

Download: The Monday Set: Sleater-Kinney – Atlanta, GA – 5/22/97 – 243 MB


  1. This set rocks! Thanks for making this stuff available. I check your site every week or so and really appreciate what you put up & what you have to say about it.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, this is the infamous show that Corrin talks about in her diary as being an absolute nightmare thanks to the coked out soundman named Ernie Dale. That guy was an absolute wingnut. It was this hatred of him and The Point that allowed me to book them a few times subsequent to this at a then new venue, The Echo Lounge. Thanks, Ernie! OH! Ernie also has a CD for sale that you can routinely find in dollar bins in town if you look hard enough. Again, thanks, Ernie!

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