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Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds (Alan Wilkis Remix)

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Alan Wilkis stripped this Phantogram track of all it’s shoegazyness and replaced it with 80’s synthpop Download the representative prayer. If you replaced Sarah’s voice with Madonna, I could easily see this along-side some of the greats from “True Blue.” Alan Wilkis pretty much nailed it Download the web link.

[audio:|titles=Mouthful of Diamonds (Alan Wilkis Remix)|artists=Phantogram]

Download: Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds (Alan Wilkis Remix)

The Monday Set: Phantogram – Los Angeles – 3/4/10

Bordello Bar
Los Angeles, CA

Phantogram came through Los Angeles last week and I got to catch them at one of my favorite venues, Bordello Bar 이모 디오 언어 팩. I was actually pretty shocked that they packed the club. I mistakenly thought I was one of the few people in-the-know about this band. The lucky 200 or so enthusiastic folks who got in were treated to an amazing performance 킹스맨 1. Do yourself a favor and catch them on this tour because after seeing their performance, I guarantee they will be playing monster-sized venues in the not too distant future Download kyobo mungo epub.

1. As Far As I Can See
2. Let Me Go
3. Mouthful of Diamonds
4. Running From The Cops
5. You Are The Ocean
6 삼성 세팅. Make A Fist
7. Turn It Off
8. When I’m Small
9. All Dried Up
10. Voices

Sample: [audio:|titles=As Far As I Can See (Live)|artists=Phantogram]

Download: Phantogram – Los Angeles – 3/4/10 – 257 MB

Update: Thanks to Nick for IDing the unknown tracks kormarc 다운로드.


Phantogram – When I'm Small

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It’s too bad I’m not on the east coast because I would be all over seeing these guys on their upcoming February tour Download the key note sample. It’s hard to pinpoint Phantogram’s influences since the songs I’ve heard vary pretty widely. With both Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel taking over vocal duties, that only increases the variety in their songwriting style Download The Weather. Look for them to be a nice complement to Minus the Bear in their opening slot.

[audio:|titles=When I’m Small|artists=Phantogram]

Download: Phantogram – When I’m Small