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The Monday Set: Lush – Vancouver, Canada – 4/11/96

Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

This is a great live set from Lush’s last tour that was broadcast on CBC Radio in Canada ezpdf free. I recently traded for a CD of this recording, but when I compared it to the one that I had on cassette, it was an incomplete show. I’m guessing that this was re-broadcast in a shortened form at some point and that’s the recording that is widely circulated 아마존 s3 파일. This is the original broadcast from FM radio.

Set List:
1. Lovelife
2. 500
3. Single Girl
4. Kiss Chase
5. De-Luxe
6 윈도우 7 sp2. Light From A Dead Star
7. Undertow
8. Hypocrite
9. Runaway
10. Sweetness and Light
11. Lady Killers
12. Last Night
13 넥스트 다운로드. Demystification

[audio:|titles=Demystication (Live)|artists=Lush]

Download: Lush – Vancouver, Canada – 4/11/96 – 352 MB


Lush – Thoughtforms (Live Video)

신나는 트로트

[flv: 426 320]

Lush – Thoughtforms
The Venue
New Cross, London, UK

I got a couple more Lush videos in a trade 워 로봇. I was actually surprised to find out that there were still some live shows floating around that I didn’t already have. The clip is pretty good, but the taper could have benefited from a tri-pod 모던패밀리 시즌1 1화 다운로드.

Download: Lush – Thoughtforms (Live Video)


Lush – Breeze (Live Video)

모비즌 앱 다운로드

[flv: 426 320]

Lush – Breeze
Royal Holloway College
Egham, UK

I just got a bunch of live Lush videos in a trade and this was one of my favorites (or should that be favourties since they’re British) 2019 년 달력 엑셀. This is one of the earliest Lush live videos I’ve heard of when Steve Rippon was still in the band.

Download: Lush – Breeze (Live Video)


Lush – For Love (Video)

훈민정음 오피스 2000

Lush – For Love

I’m a little to drunk to post an actual video tonight, so all you get is a YouTube link 어쩌다 발견한 7월 웹툰. I got a DVD in the mail a couple of days ago that had a bunch of Lush videos at the end that I had never seen and they were all fantastic. This was one of my favorite 슈퍼마리오 월드.

I promise to not be so lazy in the future…

Watch: Lush – For Love (Video)


Lush – De-Luxe (Video)

vegas pro 15 다운로드

[flv: 426 320]

Lush – De-Luxe

I wish I knew who directed this video 연애세포. I would love to see the other stuff they have directed because this video was far better than most of the videos of it’s time. The song was originally released on the “Mad Love” EP, but can now be found on the “Gala” compilation cd 돛단배 어플. Hopefully some day 4AD will release a Lush videos compilation.

Download: Lush – De-Luxe (Video)


Lush – Last Night (Latent Power Mix)

Shawn Scallen, photographer extraordinaire, was staying at my house during my 21st birthday 구글 본 고딕 다운로드. A couple of weeks later, I got the best present I could think of, a signed photo with birthday wishes for me from Lush. Apparently he was shooting them and remembered my obsession with them Download Zeus 8. This song comes from the “Last Night” promo only cd single. Most of the other tracks on the cd have been released elsewhere, but I think this track remains officially unreleased 윤폰트.
[audio:|titles=Last Night (Latent Power Mix) |artists=Lush]
Download: Lush – Last Night (Latent Power Mix)


Lush – Mannequin (Wire Cover)


This song is from the “Whore: A Tribute to Wire” cd compilation from 1996 테일 오브 테일즈. It has 21 bands including Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine, and of course, Lush, doing Wire covers with varying degrees of success 스타크래프트2 크랙. Next to Minor Threat, this is probably the best Wire cover I’ve come across.

Download: Lush – Mannequin

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