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Current – Monument (Live Video)

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Current – Monument
Detroit, MI

Here’s a video of the first date of Current’s 1993 summer tour which took them all over the US 기상청 다운로드. I saw them a couple of weeks after this date on this same tour and they blew me away.

Download: Current – Monument (Live Video)

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Current – Leech (Live Video)


[flv: 426 320]

Current – Leech
Unknown Date and Location

I’m back and first thing I’m going to get some requests out of the way Download the point of view of the whole point. If I had to guess, this looks like it was shot at the More Than Music Fest in 1994. I unfortunately did not attend that year and surprisingly a quick search on the internet hasn’t come up with the line up for ’94 or ’95 Download sunflower mr. I figured that would have been documented somewhere.

Download: Current – Leech (Live Video)


Current – Dance Of Days

Council Records put out a Current discography CD, but for some unknown reason, this song was left off 고려대학교 프로그램 다운로드. It can be found on the “Land of Greed…World of Need” comp. which was released in 1994. It was a split release by Trustkill Records (their first release) and Watermark Records (who put out great records by Worlds Collide, Lincoln and Threadbare) 김기사 앱 다운로드. The record is a tribute to Embrace and I think it was eventually re-issued on cd. It’s certainly worth tracking down. Along with Current, you can find Avail, Sparkmarker, Lifetime and a bunch of other great bands all doing Embrace covers windows 8.1 한글 언어팩 다운로드.
[audio:|titles=Dance Of Days |artists=Current]
Download: Current – Dance Of Days


Current – She Can’t Write (Live)

This song was recorded during Current’s tour with Chino Horde in 1993 rix명조 eb 다운로드. I went to the show to see Rorschach and had never heard either Current or Chino Horde but both bands made a huge impression on me 비쥬얼 노벨 다운로드. I wore my Current t-shirt all winter and proudly displayed my Chino Horde “Ride The Lightning” sticker on my car until it ended up in the junk yard 프리마 베라. A photo from this show was used on the back cover of the File 13 release of the Current/Chino Horde split 7″ which came out the following year download the ilife trial.
[audio:|titles=She Can’t Write (Live)|artists=Current]

Download: Current – She Can’t Write (Live)