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Current – Leech
Unknown Date and Location

I’m back and first thing I’m going to get some requests out of the way. If I had to guess, this looks like it was shot at the More Than Music Fest in 1994. I unfortunately did not attend that year and surprisingly a quick search on the internet hasn’t come up with the line up for ’94 or ’95. I figured that would have been documented somewhere.

Download: Current – Leech (Live Video)


  1. That is at the first MTM Fest in Dayton, OH. The line up was pretty stellar for the first big hardcore fest. Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Mouthpiece, Resurection, Lincoln, Bloodline (they were big there, not in Mpls), Hoover, etc. It was pretty sweet.

    Almost as much fun as sleeping in your car at the MTM we went to together.

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