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The Monday Set: Beat Happening – Ann Arbor – 10/6/92

Beat Happening
The Lab
Ann Arbor, MI

This is a nice set from Beat Happening recorded during their “You Turn Me On” tour Respond to ost. I saw them 4 days before this show in South Dakota and it was a fantastic show. I had no idea what to expect but they exceeded anything I could have imagined windows 7 iso 64 bit 다운로드.

1. Tiger Trap
2. Teenage Caveman
3. Sleepyhead
4. Pine Box Derby
5. Redhead Walking/Revolution Come and Gone
6 이장과군수. Indian Summer
7. Black Candy
8. Left Behind
9. Godsend
10. Cast A Shadow (cut/tape flip edit)
11. Nancy…
12 Abap excel. Bewitched
13. Cry For A Shadow

Sample: [audio:|titles=Sleepyhead (Live)|artists=Beat Happening]

Download: Beat Happening – Ann Arbor – 10/6/92 – 350 MB

Beat Happening – Cast A Shadow (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

Beat Happening – Cast A Shadow
Shangri-La Records
Memphis, TN

The one and only time I saw Beat Happening was in ’92, a few months after this recording was made Download windows 10 iso file. I had heard a couple of Beat Happening songs before I saw them, but I wasn’t prepared for the full onslaught of dancing that Calvin threw down during the show Monument valley. As a side note, the last time I was in Memphis I visited Shangri-La Records and bought a brick from the original Stax Records building that was torn down for a friend of mine pcsx2 1.4.0 다운로드. They were selling them for $15. Well worth it.

Download: Beat Happening – Cast A Shadow (Live Video)

Beat Happening – I Spy (FM Live)

No question this is my favorite Beat Happening song Download the gmail email. This was recorded on KAOS Radio, Evergeen and Olympia’s local radio station. Beat Happening were playing a live set while taking requests for songs from callers gaugan 다운로드. This song is normally sung by Calvin, but Heather takes over vocal duties but seems to forget a few of the lyrics in the process. It’s still a great version of a great song Download Parallels.
[audio:|titles=I Spy (Live)|artists=Beat Happening]
Download: Beat Happening – I Spy (FM Live)

Luna – Indian Summer (Beat Happening Cover)

Two unrelated “Indian Summer” posts in a row 킹스맨 2. The original version of this song is off one of Beat Happening’s second album “Jamboree” which is also fantastic. This cover comes off of an early Luna EP which still has echoes of the fabulous Galaxy 500 draftsight 다운로드. You can also find a covers of “Ride Into the Sun” by the Velvet Underground, “That’s What You Always Say” originally by Steve Wynn and a demo of “Hey Sister” which is found on the Lunapark release Digimon House. From the reviews that I read about this EP, it sounds like I agree with most people that this EP was one of Luna’s finest releases.
[audio:|titles=Indian Summer (Beat Happening Cover) |artists=Luna]
Download: Luna – Indian Summer (Beat Happening Cover)