Beat Happening
The Lab
Ann Arbor, MI

This is a nice set from Beat Happening recorded during their “You Turn Me On” tour. I saw them 4 days before this show in South Dakota and it was a fantastic show. I had no idea what to expect but they exceeded anything I could have imagined.

1. Tiger Trap
2. Teenage Caveman
3. Sleepyhead
4. Pine Box Derby
5. Redhead Walking/Revolution Come and Gone
6. Indian Summer
7. Black Candy
8. Left Behind
9. Godsend
10. Cast A Shadow (cut/tape flip edit)
11. Nancy…
12. Bewitched
13. Cry For A Shadow

Sample: [audio:|titles=Sleepyhead (Live)|artists=Beat Happening]

Download: Beat Happening – Ann Arbor – 10/6/92 – 350 MB

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  1. Wow, great to see/hear this! Thanks to James Baluyut for the link.
    This was in my basement, otherwise known as the LAB. I’m surprised at how good the recording sounds. Way to go!!

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