Nation of Ulysses
Black Hills Workshop Gym
Rapid City, SD

This show was the second (and last) time NOU played in Rapid City, SD and the turnout was huge. From what I remember, it was the last show of the summer, right before school started up again for the year. This recording is a little loud on the vocals (they were playing in a gym), but otherwise it’s great late-era NOU soundboard recording.

1. N-Sub Ulysses
2. Mockingbird, Yeah
3. Hex-Proof
4. Uptight/Hickey Underworld
5. A.P.E. Embassy/50,000 Watts
6. Unknown Track/S.S. Exploder

Sample: [audio:|titles=Hex-Proof (Live)|artists=Nation of Ulysses]

Download: Nation of Ulysses – Rapid City – 9/2/92 – 177 MB

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