After nearly 5 years, The Sound Of Indie is finally getting a face lift. Taking advantage of some of the new WordPress 3.0 features, we’ve completely redesigned the site to make it easier to use, easier to comment, and a bit more interesting. Here are a couple of the new features:

We now are using the Sociable plug-in, so if you like a post you can easily share it on Face-Tweet-Book-Whatever-Space.

You can also now easily see and subscribe to all the latest comments on our posts.

We also now have a “Bands Featured On TSOI” dropdown list so it’s easy to find all posts related to a specific band (particularity useful for those fans of bands like Jonathan Fire*Eater, Unwound and Blonde Redhead who have had many, many posts over the years). We are in the process of going through the archive and updating all the tags, so more and more bands will be showing up in the next couple of days.

We hope you find the new design more useful and pleasing to the eye and let us know what you think about TSOI 2: Electric Boogaloo.


  1. oh, I love the new design! the bands’ index is grrrrrreat. and thanks for comments without the captcha and whatnot, nothing will stop me from commenting your posts now

  2. Slowly but surly we’re getting all the bands in the archive into the bands index. Manually going through and tagging nearly 1,000 posts will take a few days, but even I’m finding it handy!

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