Midlake plays flutes.
Credit: Carlie's Blackberry

Midlake is serious about their flutes.  OK, maybe that’s not the way to start off a post, but it’s true.  Look at the picture: two guys playing flutes at the same time.  (“I love the jazz flute!” yelled one fan.  “Flutes rock!” added another.)  I’m not sure how many commandments of The Rock Bible Midlake are breaking, but they are definitely unholy.

They opened their 2010 tour at Spanish Moon, right here in Baton Rouge, on 5 January.  They’re a collective (those commies!) from Denton, TX, guys who got together at the highly-regarded University of North Texas music school.  We shouldn’t, therefore be surprised, that they’re conceptual — which, let’s remember, doesn’t mean that they have to use two flutes.  They made that choice after careful thought, and with great care that really, two flutes were the only way to achieve what the songs required.  But the track here, the title song from their last album,”The Trials of Van Occupanther,” only needed one flute.  It’s pretty good.

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100126/MidlakeVanOccupanther.mp3|titles=Van Occupanther (Live)|artists=Midlake]

Download: Midlake – Van Occupanther (Live)

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