The Monday Set: Karp – Olympia – 5/24/95

Free Things Are Cool / KAOS Community Radio
Olympia, WA

Here’s a great FM radio recording of Karp from KAOS in Olympia Windows 10 Office. Some great recordings of “Suplex”-era Karp that had just come out at the time. This recording also includes one of my favorite songs that can be found on the split 12″ with Rye, Obstacle Corpse Download the North American roll.

1. Obstacle Corpse
2. Get No Toys (When You Pay the Money)
3. Connect 5
4. I’d Rather Be Clogging
5 Travel mr. See You at Lakefair
6. Meet Me in Lacy
7. Lorch-Miller

Sample: [audio:|titles=I’d Rather Be Clogging (Live)|artists=Karp]

Download: Karp – Olympia – 5/24/95 – 260 MB