Some FLAC Assistance Needed

Seeing that this is a site that’s always been geared more towards music enthusiasts/snobs/historians, I have a question to pose to the readers 웹와치. One project that’s been in the back of my mind is finally clearing out my CD collection for good and archiving them in a lossless format. I refuse to use Apple’s AAC, so I’m pretty much stuck with FLAC 서피스 펌웨어. My big question is tagging all those FLAC files and getting them to play nice with various applications. Now days, I’m primarily using Simplify Media to stream music to my iPhone Download School of Rock. With the last update, Simplify Media now supports FLAC so I think I’m set on that front (haven’t tried it yet). Burning FLAC to CDs for the car can be handled by Nero Download the first time that The Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu. The girlfriend would probably appreciate a iTunes friendly solution, so that’s also another thing to consider. The plan is to rip all my cds to FLAC, then copy them to a second “backup” hard drive that will be pulled from my PC and stored somewhere offsite asio4all. Anyone gone through this for their collection? Any pitfalls/things to avoid? Anything that you wish you would have thought of from the get go? Any tools you suggest lg united mobile driver 다운로드? This is just in the initial planning phase, but something that I would like to accomplish in 2010. I would love to get some dialog going in the comments about this 조이풀 노이즈. Thanks!