In Remembrance: Jeff Hanson of M.I.J. (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

M.I.J. – Unknown Track
Lothlorien Co-op
Madison, WI

I posted this video a couple of months ago, but I figured it was appropriate to revisit it in remembrance of a great person, Jeff Hanson. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported this past weekend that he was found dead in his apartment in St. Paul on the 5th, apparently due to an accident. M.I.J. played a show or two at my house in Minneapolis years ago, and I booked them on a couple of others around town. What I remember is that they were always super swell guys. A matter of fact, I e-mailed Jeff to find out if he had a date for this video a couple of months ago, which he unfortunately did not. Anyway, my condolences go out to his many friends and family.

Download: MIJ – Unknown Track (Live)

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