The Van Pelt
House of Gung Fu
Minneapolis, MN

I posted a track from this show on TSOI about 3 years ago, so I decided to post the entire show this week in lossless form. It was a great show in our basement for the 3 other people besides my roommates who were there. I had the foresight to record it using my crummy Radio Shack mic and cheap boom box straight to cassette. Not the best recording but it was a step up from the little handheld cassette recorder w/built in mic that I was sneaking into shows at the time.

[audio:|titles=Nanzen Kills A Cat (Live)|artists=The Van Pelt]

Download: The Van Pelt – Minneapolis – 7/14/96 – 171 MB


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  2. Hello, Kevin –

    I agree it isn’t an amazing recording, quality-wise, but the performance is good. I have made a cassette copy of it from your files for playing in my car (It still has a cassette deck! How funny! Oh, wait, I love cassettes! I guess I’m weird that way, huh?)

    Thanks for sharing, and for sharing in flac.

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