Shameless Self Promotion: The Vegan Collection

I have to send out apologies for the sporadic nature of posts on The Sound Of Indie lately (special thanks goes out to Avalanche for picking up the slack). I have extremely busy working on a website for my new business which just launched yesterday. I am now the owner and operator of The Vegan Collection, an online vegan shoe company committed to providing cruelty-free shoes at reasonable prices. One of the many things that sets this company apart is the commitment to providing a better life for animals in need. 25% of all proceeds are donated to organizations that are advocates for animals. Four groups have been chosen:

Animal Acres
Animal Ark
Kitten Rescue

We have witnessed first hand the great work that these organizations have accomplished and want to do what we can to support their remarkable efforts. Upon checkout, the choice is given to which of the four organizations receive the donation for that purchase.

In addition, we feel strongly about the environmental impact of our products. To counterbalance the resources used in manufacturing and shipping our products, 1% of all proceeds are dedicated to retiring verified greenhouse gas emission offsets.

The Lincoln, is a classic men’s Oxford currently offered by The Vegan Collection and was designed by yours truly. It is available in both black and brown and perfect for everyday wear. At this time The Lincoln is the only shoe up for purchase, but we intend to expand the selection in the near future.

I know there’s a couple of other veg*ns who read this site, so this may appeal to them. To the others, regular music posts will be back next week.

Visit: The Vegan Collection

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