Ladytron – Runaway (Live)

Ladytron’s latest album “Velocifero” will almost certainly make my year-end best album list in a year with many viable contenders Download the thumbs up. Ladytron played a show at Terminal 5 in New York last June and have greatly increased the stage production from previous tours 세쌍둥이송. They had a large red-light LED backdrop that perfectly emphasized the detached synth wave that Ladytron so expertly tread.

Since I seldom see arena bands, I seldom get to see a band with a an elaborate stage or light show and really appreciate it when a band that I do like have the means and desire to kick the live production value up a couple of notches Download Steel Rain. I have to say that Ladytron nailed it on this one. Be sure to check Ladytron out if they swing through your town.
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Download: Ladytron – Runaway (Live)