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400 Years – Lifesupport
More Than Music Fest
Columbus, OH

400 Years were always lumped in with other “DC Emo” bands with the similar sound. That might be why I never paid that much attention to them. I recently revisited their record that was released by The Great American Steak Religion and found it to be much better than I remembered. Starting in Arizona with the breakup of Groundwork, then ending up in Virginia a member of Policy of 3, this four piece toured constantly and put out 3 full lengths and a handful of 7″s before breaking up.

Download: 400 Years – Lifesupport (Live)


  1. the track is called “lifesupport” and is actually the first track (after the intro) on that GASR album “suture” 😉

  2. Guess I needed to listen to it closer. I’m getting a new turntable, so maybe that’ll get me to bust out the vinyl more often. Thanks Jim for IDing the track!

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