The Monday Set: Helium – Carrboro, NC – 12/16/94

Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, NC

I was surprised to find this tacked on the end The Wedding Present set I posted last week Download the wedding dress. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if this is the entire set since the last track is cut, but it’s still a fantastic soundboard recording of Helium which predates The Dirt of Luck 스텔라리움 무료. No idea on the setlist except for Skeleton but I’m sure a super-fan can provide that for me. Yeah, I’m looking at you Bradley’s Almanac biography pdf of Steve Jobs.

Set List:
1) Skeleton
2) XXX
3) Silver Angel
4) Superball
5) Baby’s Going Underground
6) All the X’s Have Wings
7) Pat’s Trick
8) Trixie’s Star (cut)

[audio:|titles=Skeleton (Live)|artists=Helium]
Skeleton (Live)

Download: Helium – Carrboro, NC – 12/16/94 – 168 MB