John Vanderslice and his band came through town touring with Steve Malkmus. They were able to escape between shows to headline a one off show at Mercury Lounge. I am not too familiar with John Vanderslice but often, when their songs don’t sound like Death Cab for Cutie they remind me of Quasi, or probably more accurately Death Cab lifts from Quasi and Quasi, is in turn, a John Vanderslice influence.

Over the last several years I keep thinking that particular bands have an uncanny resemblance to something, and I am beginning to think that that “something” is Quasi. Mates of State coming immediately to mind as egregious “lenders”. Unless there is a pre-Quasi precedent (maybe Neutral Milk Hotel?) with which I am not familiar, I think the subdued minor-key rock that is crazy pervasive these days – in particular with bands based on the west coast – substantial credit/blame should likely be given to Quasi. My point is, I am pretty sure that Quasi is far more influential than is generally let on. To John Vanderslice’s credit, they are the only band that reminds me of Quasi that doesn’t raise my hackles.

Note to self: Crikey, I need to get a Quasi track up here.
[audio:|titles=Underneath The Leaves (Live)|artists=John Vanderslice]
Download: John Vanderslice – Underneath The Leaves (Live)

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