[flv:http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2008/20080529/JAMC-TheHardestWalk.flv http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2008/20080529/20080529.jpg 426 320]

The Jesus And Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk
Correggio, Italy

This is another great early JAMC clip that I just got from Europe. Though you can’t make out a lot other than Jim singing, it looks like the rest of the band was comprised of William, Doug Hart on bass and it sounds like this was the period where they were without a drummer and using a drum machine.

Download: The Jesus And Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk (Live Video)


  1. I think Dave Evans was the 2nd guitarist for that European tour. Correggio Palasport is quite a Hockey’n’Basketball arena somewhere between Parma and Modena. Quite big by Italian standards. There must have been 3,000 people attending.

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