The Monday Set: The Jesus And Mary Chain – Boston, MA – 10/19/94

The Jesus And Mary Chain
Boston, MA

This may be for the JAMC completest only 외기러기. It sounds like the person who recorded it was standing completely in the bass speaker for most of the show. I brought it into Sound Forge and did quite a bit of EQing to make it more listenable, but overall, not a particularly great recording Steam Bag. As my friend says, sometimes you get the bear…

Set List:
1. Snakedriver
2. Taste The Floor
3. Blues From A Gun
4 Roller coaster tycoon. Come On
5. Everybody I Know
6. Head On
7. Happy When It Rains
8. Girlfriend
9. Hole
10. 9 Million Rainy Days
11 fritzing 다운로드. Catch Fire
12. Sidewalking
13. Teenage Lust
14. Sugar Ray
15. Sometimes Always
16. Reverence

[audio:|titles=Sometimes Always (Live)|artists=The Jesus And Mary Chain]
Download: The Jesus And Mary Chain – Boston, MA – 10/19/94 – 597 MB