The Cripple Lilies – Put Me To Sleep

Eventually I get around to reading and checking out all the stuff that people submit to the site 웹디렉토리. Some things take longer than others, and anything that catches my ear, I make sure to keep it in my e-mail for further listening. I got an e-mail when The Cripple Lilies new record came out back in April of last year 카카오톡 음성. I liked it at the time and I’m finally getting around to posting my favorite track off the album. It’s got a great jazz/bossa nova feel, for which I’m a huge sucker rar decompression. Unfortunately, during the time between receiving the e-mail and this post, the band apparently has broken up. But you can still check out their site and listen to virtually the entire album in their streaming media player Part-time download of Philia.
[audio:|titles=Put Me To Sleep |artists=Cripple Lilies]
Download: The Cripple Lilies – Put Me To Sleep