The Monday Set: The Creatures – Cleveland, OH – 3/22/90

The Creatures
Phantasy Theater
Cleveland, OH

This will be a really special treat for any fans of The Creatures out there Download Mount and Blade. I’ve only seen this recording on one other person’s trade list, the person who sent me this cassette and I believe he stopped trading shows right after I received this show 영웅전희 골드. This was probably towards the end of the “Boomerang” tour and this evening had one of the best song selections from the entire tour.

Set List:
1 Download tableau server. Icehouse
2. Dancing On Glass
3. Manchild
4. You!
5. Untiedundone
6. Fury Eyes
7. But Not Them
8. Standing There
9 Download the pads library. Willow
10. Pity
11. Miss The Girl
12. Venus Sands
13. Strolling Wolf
14. Pluto Drive
15. A Strutting Rooster
16 citation. Mad Eyed Screamer
17. Right Now
18. So Unreal

[audio:|titles=Dancing On Glass (Live)|artists=The Creatures]
Dancing On Glass (Live)

Download: The Creatures – Cleveland, OH – 3/22/90 – 399 MB