I saw The Oranges Band from Baltimore, MD at The Cake Shop on January 26, 2008, right around the time I posted a Shins track (January 10) on TSOI with text bellyaching about bands that, some years after releasing an album, will tour with nothing new to play – a large pet peeve of mine (yes, and I am looking at you too, Blonde Redhead). The Oranges Band was doing a short tour playing nothing BUT new songs because they were heading into the studio the following week to record a new record. There is nothing cooler, in my opinion, than a band dropping a bunch of new songs that aren’t even recorded.

I’m not yelling I’m just saying…it is always cool to hear a new song or two.

On top of being new songs, the new songs sound great to boot: kudos Oranges Band.

I can now chalk up Oranges Band with Baby Dayliner, Magnetic Fields, Hot Chip, and Hold Steady as having expected great 2008 releases.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2008/20080212/OrangesBand-UnknownTrack.mp3|titles=Ride The Nuclear Wave (Live)|artists=The Oranges Band]
Download: The Oranges Band – Ride The Nuclear Wave (Live)


  1. Yes, The Oranges Band do have new tracks in the works, but that sounds like “Ride The Nuclear Wave” to me. It’s off The World And Everything In It. More about that… here. The last new Oranges Band track I heard about was “Jenny I’m Sneaking Out”. Their new album is tenatively titled “Wack Tracks from Planet Monkey!” (this may be a joke, maybe not? I don’t know).

  2. Damn! You are right. I can’t believe it. I picked a track at random (they all sounded great), thinking that they were all new and I wouldn’t know the track name anyway so didn’t think it would matter. Oops. Thanks for catching it.

    On another topic, I have added to the list of expected great releases of 2008: Oranges Band, Ladytron, The Kills, Cut Copy, Hot Chip, Baby Dayliner, Hold Steady, Magnetic Fields, and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Damn! This is looking to be a good year.

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