The Oranges Band – Ride The Nuclear Wave (Live)

I saw The Oranges Band from Baltimore, MD at The Cake Shop on January 26, 2008, right around the time I posted a Shins track (January 10) on TSOI with text bellyaching about bands that, some years after releasing an album, will tour with nothing new to play – a large pet peeve of mine (yes, and I am looking at you too, Blonde Redhead) orcad 16 5 다운로드. The Oranges Band was doing a short tour playing nothing BUT new songs because they were heading into the studio the following week to record a new record Switch Diablo 3. There is nothing cooler, in my opinion, than a band dropping a bunch of new songs that aren’t even recorded.

I’m not yelling I’m just saying…it is always cool to hear a new song or two 멀티심 다운로드.

On top of being new songs, the new songs sound great to boot: kudos Oranges Band.

I can now chalk up Oranges Band with Baby Dayliner, Magnetic Fields, Hot Chip, and Hold Steady as having expected great 2008 releases 이지 트랜스 xp.
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