The Monday Set: The Cardigans – Toronto, Ontario – 9/7/96

The Cardigans
Lee’s Palace
Toronto, Ontario

This was a live FM broadcast that I received in a trade years ago Download the Force Tal 2 demo. I saw The Cardigans for the first and only time on this tour. After “Life” came out, I was a huge fan and which continued with “First Band on the Moon,” but I was largely disappointed with them live 삼성 앱. Years later, they still come across lackluster live as evident in this recording.

Set List:
1. Intro
2. Iron Man
3. Your New Cuckoo
4 Elegant with. Sick And Tired
5. Hey, Get Out Of My Way!
6. Step On Me
7. Lovefool
8. Fine
9. Been It
10. Celia Inside
11. Rise And Shine
12 Download the game game. Carnival
13. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

[audio:|titles=Celia Inside (Live)|artists=The Cardigans]
Celia Inside (Live)

Download: The Cardigans – Toronto, Ontario – 9/7/96 – 342 MB