Velocity Girl

I have no idea about the location or the exact date for this show. They mention playing with “Fuzzy” somewhere during the set, so that might give you a clue as to when this was recorded. It sounds like it was a soundboard recording, so the quality is really good except for one thing, they forgot to turn off the background music they were playing in between bands, so you can hear a cd playing during the quiet parts of the set. But don’t let that prevent you from downloading the set if you’re a fan, if you can look past that, the rest of it is top notch.

Set List:
1. ??
2. ?? (Gilded Stars)
3. Finest Hour
4. Audrey’s Eyes
5. One Word
6. What You Left Behind
7. Nothing
8. Same Old City
9. Drug Girls
10. For The Record
11. Tripping Wires
12. Zealous Heart (Cut off)

Sample: [audio:|titles=Tripping Wires (Live)|artists=Velocity Girl]

Download: Velocity Girl – 1996 – 298 MB

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  1. thanks for posting this…I saw them on this tour..Sarah was engaged to some microsoft VP and had a HUGE rock on her finger…thanks again

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