Here is the track White Chalk from the 2007 album of the same name recorded from a recent PJ Harvey concert on October 10th at the Beacon Theater in NYC. She played only 2 US shows in 2007 in support of her new album “White Chalk”. I am not very familiar with her work, but do realize she has many adherents including several friends of mine and probably most notably the late John Peel. I figured that someone out there in TSOI land might appreciate a live track since the tour was so limited.

I went to the show based on recommendations, so I decided to check her out not knowing what to expect. First off: No one adequately warned me about how insufferable her fan base is. By the end of the show, I was glad that I went to the sold-out show just because my attendance meant that I was likely taking the spot of a retardedly rabid PJ fan. To PJs credit, I liked the show in spite of the fairly annoying and spastic crowd, but she did indulged them a little much by talking to the audience. Note to PJ: if you have fans that are so enthusiastic they are stupid, don’t encourage them by talking to them; ignore them. They will still love you. Promise.
[audio:|titles=When Under Ether (Live)|artists=PJ Harvey]
Download: PJ Harvey – When Under Ether (Live)


  1. Dude – I totally agree. I went to the LA show and was embarrassed by what was going on around me.

    I’ve been to many PJ Harvey shows and have not seen this reaction before. I’m not sure when things changed. Maybe it has been growing, but was more noticeable this time because it was a quiet solo show?

    I’m sure I sound like an indie snob (and yeah, I guess I kind of am), but the screaming of “I LOVE YOU!!!!” during quiet moments in the set definitely marred the evening for me.

  2. Total agreement re: the fanbase. Thanks for the live track! Could you please let me know where I might find additional recordings from the show – also attended the Beacon gig and would love to hear more.

  3. there are full-length audio recordings from both the show at Beacon (N.Y.) and the Orpheum (L.A.); both have been torrented on

    the recording from Los Angeles is just about the best audience-recorded audio that I’ve ever heard, truly superb sound quality. I recommend this to anyone.

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